Membership of

Board of Governors 2018-2022

Trustee Chairperson    Very Rev. M. McGinnity

 Trustee Rep.  (Parent)      Mrs. C. Maguire

 Trustee Rep.                    Mr. M. McKee

 Trustee Rep.                    Mrs. P. McTaggart

 D.E.N.I. Rep.                    Mrs. A. Davey


 E.A. Rep.                          Mr. P. McCarthy

 E.A. Rep.                          Mrs. C. Topping

Teacher Rep.                    Mrs. S. Magee

Parent Rep.                      To be appointed

School Governors

             The Board of Governors includes:

  • members representing the owners of the school (trustees)
  • parents and teachers who are elected by the parents and teachers associated with the school
  • members of the general public with an interest in education appointed by the Department of Education or the Education Authority (EA)

       The role of the Board of Governors is to make sure that the school provides pupils with a good education.

The Board of Governors:

  • sets the school's plans and policies
  • employs the school staff
  • manages how the school spends its budget

What a school governor does.

A governor is appointed in a voluntary unpaid capacity for four years. He or she can resign at any time.

The Board of Governors meets as often as its business requires, which may be once a month, depending on the size of the school.
The Board of Governors has members with different skills, knowledge and experience.

The business of the school is progressed by the whole Board of Governors working together in the best interests of the school children.
Every governor is expected to contribute to the conduct of school business and every governor can expect to learn something new. Training will be provided.