Safeguarding Children

Advice for Parents

Important Information During School Closure

Where a safeguarding or vulnerable child issue arises please ring the Parish Office at 028 90 321713 or e-mail

Department of Education Safeguarding App

School Safeguarding Team members:

Designated Teacher:                   Miss Anna White

Deputy Designated Teacher:    Mrs Kate McGuigan

Deputy Designated Teacher:    Mrs Theresa Moore (Nursery)

Safeguarding Governor:            Mrs Anne Davey

Principal:                                       Mr Dermot Flynn

Where you have any concerns of a safeguarding nature please do not hesitate to contact any members of the team.

Ring: 028 90 327 460 for the school principal or ask the secretary for any member of the team.

E-mail: for a Record of Concern form.

St. Malachy's Parish Office is available on : 028 90 321713 for

Fr. Mc Ginnity (Chairperson of the Board of  Governors).

Safeguarding and Vulnerable Children Information

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