Key School Information

From January 7th of January 2021 schools are open to vulnerable children and children of Key Workers who cannot have their children cared for in any other way. The majority of the children will be taught online. See link below for further information.

Children who attend school

Children who attend school will be placed in new bubbles depending on the number of children attending; they may be a range of ages in a bubble. Each bubble will be supervised by a teacher and a classroom assistant. While it will be a normal school day, teaching will be based upon the online learning model provided by each child's class teacher.

Please provide a packed lunch with the child as no dinners will be available. If there are difficulties with this please contact the school principal. All other Covid-19 safety measures will be in place.

Education online for children at home


  • The Principal may be contacted through his e-mail address for any general difficulties: He will forward any queries to teachers as necessary.
  • In emergencies only contact the MDA, Youth Club Leader, Fr. McGinnity or John-Paul (the local shopkeeper) all of whom have the principal's mobile number for any serious issues that emerge.
  • The Vice-principal will be available for issues regarding children with special / additional educational needs 
  • The Safeguarding teachers Miss White / Mrs McGuigan will be available for all issues surrounded safeguarding, welfare and vulnerable child issues.
  • The Nursery Leader, Mrs Moore, will be available for any issues regarding nursery children, including Safeguarding.
  • The Nurture teacher, Mrs McGuigan, will  be available to support children needing reassurance etc.

Provision for children at home will involve several strategies.

  • Using Seesaw teachers will be available online, providing work and support to children and parents, from around 9.00 p.m. in the morning until 2.30 / 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon.
  • Children will have timetables and work allocated, along with instructions on how to post work, and when to post it.
  • Children should be able to post their own work. The Seesaw coordinator has also provided support information on Seesaw. 
  • Children have all been provided with learning packs to support their learning. These should be collected from the school as they become available.
  • Using Lexia Mrs Jones will continue to support literacy improvement for children needing a boost in their performance and for children with English as an Additional Language.
  • Using Mathletics: children will be able to progress at their own levels and have teaching reinforced.
  • Using Bugclub children will continue to develop their reading and literacy performances.
  • Children have been provided with differentiated learning packs by their teachers. These will be updated as necessary by the class teachers.
  • Additional teachers have been employed to support and engage children online and to attempt to ensure children remain on task and to ensure children do not fall behind as a result of online learning.
  • Materials on the school website will be provided to help inform and support  parents and suggest additional fun and work extension activities for children.

Important things to remember and look out for.

  • Most children will be happy and continue to work as normal at home but some may struggle both educationally and emotionally. It is important that you let us know if there are difficulties that we can help or signpost you to.
  • Many parents enjoy the opportunity of home learning and it can open up a whole new experience and a deeper appreciation of learning, understanding of your children's strengths and challenges, likes and dislikes. However, some parents find the experience a challenge and may need support. It is important to seek help when you recognise that the challenges are greater than you can manage alone. There are a number of people who can support you and your children. These are signposted below.
  • Well-being: educational development is a key area but other areas of a child's life need to be in place for that to happen effectively. Your child's social and emotional needs are just as important. Please have a balanced approach to your child's activities.
  • Physical needs: your child needs to exercise, this can be done in a fun way. There are some ideas below. It is hard not to see Joe Wicks as a firm favourite. 
  • Vulnerable children and Safeguarding issues: It is important that if you are concerned about any child please let the principal know, in confidence, so that we can ensure all of our children are safe and well. Further information is provided below.

Information on Key workers, Vulnerable children and Frequently asked questions may be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Education Restart | Department of Education (

Feeling stressed

Covid-19  is a challenge for everyone, if you find yourself in this position it is important to seek help and support. It is also a time to ensure children and adults are safe from harm. Please see the information below.

Unhappiness at home (Click link)

Recommended resources
Recommended resources