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Date: 1844-2009

The first date is when the Church opened, the second date is when it reopened after the restoration work.


This is where the famous name Nike comes from. It is Greek for 'Victory' and the full symbol shown says 'Victory to Jesus Christ'.

The Good Shepherd

The Pulpit symbol is of the Good Shepherd who we read about in Primary Three. The Good Shepherd takes special care of his sheep just as Jesus takes special care of His people.

Shrine Gates

These were a gift from Saint Matthews parish and it has the symbol of the Sacred Heart, which reminds us of God's unending love for everyone.


The letters INRI which stand for the Latin inscription 'Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum', which Pilate put on the Cross. It means Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.


The relics are tiny pieces of a Saint's bone. In the very early days of the Church (about 2000 years ago) the bodies of Saints who were martyred were given special honour / reverence.


The large bell near the Altar is called 'The Sacring Bell' and it is rung during Mass to highlight the Consecration - the most important part of Mass. It is during this part of the Mass that we must always be kneeling and especially silent.