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Sacred Vessels

The Chalice

The Chalice is used at Mass to contain the the wine which will be consecrated into the Blood of Christ. Most priests are given a chalice at their ordination. It can be made of gold or silver and decorated with precious stones and designs but the inside is always lined with gold. Chalice comes from the word 'calix' which means cup.

As a sign of respect the chalice can be covered with a special cloth called the 'chalice veil' - it will always match the colour of the vestments that the priest is wearing.

The Ciborium

The ciborium is used to contain the Holy Eucharist. Like the chalice it can be made from gold or silver but the inside must always be gold.

The Paten

There is a special plate used to hold the large host for the priests communion. It is called the 'paten' which comes from the Latin for plate.

The Cruets

The cruets are two small jugs which contain the wine and water used at the Offertory.

The Lavabo Bowl

This little dish is called the 'Lavabo bowl' and the small linen cloth is called the 'Finger Towel'. The priest uses these to symbolically wash his hands before beginning the Consecration.