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Welcome to St. Malachy's Primary School's new Website.

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What is our School Vision?

The aim of St. Malachy’s Primary School is to put in practice the new school motto:

“Search, Strive, Serve and Smile.”

  • We will search to understand our purpose as individuals in an all-embracing and inclusive community.
  •  We will strive to fulfil our potential in all aspects of our lives.
  •  We will serve all to the best of our abilities.
  •  We will smile as we endeavour to develop resilience in the face of life’s challenges and learn to appreciate the times when life demonstrates its wonder and beauty.

Our school Catholic community will appreciate: how the search for Christ in our lives is a life-long pursuit; how striving to become like Christ is a continuous process for everyone; how Christ calls us to serve emulating his own example; that throughout the challenges of life, Christ’s love exists unconditionally.

 School  Ethos

It is our aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which all children can recognise their own self-worth and achieve their full potential. It is our intention to foster our pupils’ spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and cultural development.  We endeavour to encourage Christian and academic development and prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of adult life.  We encourage children to work and play in a spirit of cooperation and fairness, showing tolerance of, and respect for, the needs of others, and for cultures and religions which are different to their own.  We aim to provide a broad curriculum, which is child-centred and recognises the needs of individual children. We have high expectations of our children.  We are a Catholic school with a strong emphasis on Christ’s teachings but we have a deserved reputation for our pursuit of inclusion and our welcome of children of all faiths, whose views and beliefs are fully respected. We believe that a strong partnership between home, school and parish is essential to promote the welfare of our school and the wider community.

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